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Purchasing Manager

Job Details

  • Oversee purchasing staff in all personnel related activities including recruiting, hiring, training and performance evaluation
  • Collaborate with Sales Manager and Marketing Specialist in developing sales programs
  • Analyze and adjust product mix for seasonality, obsolescence, excessive quantity on hand, changing customer needs
  • Negotiate vendor promotions to advertise in the flyer, spiff the sales force, reduce wholesale price to push sales, and create long term programs
  • Manage vendor programs to optimize rebates, allowances and bracket pricing
  • Seasonally adjust inventory levels to allow for expected spikes in sales
  • Create vendor relationships that will put “The George J. Falter Co” in a “most favored vendor” status
  • Review daily buyers reports:
    • Items below on-hand minimum inventory level
    • Out of Stock report
    • Items on Special Order
    • Items with quantity on open orders exceeding daily average
    • Dead and Slow-moving items report
  • Meet with vendors to review slow moving inventory, past-due vendor payments, new items, promotions, programs, price changes, negotiate funding for flyer space, and spiffs
  • Interact with sales team regarding product and program questions
  • Resolve vendor Accounts Payable issues
  • Prepare and manage the monthly sales flyer process
  • Attend monthly sales meetings. Present new items and news from vendors.
  • Attend trade shows and trade functions as needed
  • Any other duties as assigned by management


  • High School diploma, college diploma preferred
  • Computer skills, including spreadsheet and word processing applications
  • Minimum 5 years purchasing experience
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills

Employment Application

    • PDF file only

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