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Day Housekeeping Janitor

Job Details

  • Full-time Monday through Friday 7am to 4pm
  • Basic responsibilities:
    • Cleaning of restrooms
    • Emptying of trash and recycling receptacles throughout offices and the warehouse
    • Cleaning common areas, including floors, baseboards, countertops, dusting and cleaning
    • Cleaning of warehouse product storage areas, racks, and shelves
    • On-call cleanup for spills and leaks occurring throughout the shift
    • Operation and upkeep of the warehouse floor scrubber (will be trained)
    • Responsible for bailing cardboard and plastic with a bailing machine (will be trained on this procedure)
    • Litter pickup on the out property
    • Upkeep of daily checklist for all areas


  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds

Employment Application

    • PDF file only

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